Building Skilful Dialogue

Being really effective as a communicator takes self-awareness and skill. SoundWave analytics make explicit your verbal strategies. SoundWave applications enable you to influence, lead and collaborate in ever more effective ways.

Skilful Dialogue for a Growth Mindset

Build a culture in which your people take ownership for the challenges they face and in which a superior capacity for learning is the norm.

Skilful Dialogue for Operational Excellence

Increase productivity, engagement and performance by adapting your management style to suit the needs of the moment.

Skilful Dialogue for a Language of Leadership

Enhance your personal reputation, impact and influence by developing  your own unique language of leadership.

The SoundWave Concept

The SoundWave concept generates learnable insights into the relationship between how you talk and how others therefore think, feel and act.

SoundWave builds skills. Well researched and developed analytical tools combined with expert application deliver clear improvement to the quality of peoples interactions with each other.

SoundWave has integrity. The central concept of nine ‘verbal strategies’ is tried and tested adding a new dimension to the way we look at and understand the dynamics of human behaviour.

SoundWave is praxis. It excites you to take good theory and achieve real and positive outcomes from the practice of working with it.

The SoundWave Process

The SoundWave process builds skilful dialogue in the situations that you need it most.

1. Your Soundscape

We start by understanding how the way you talk (what you say and how you say it) affects relationships across your organisation. This may apply on a one-on-one basis or to ‘talk’ at the level of culture. Either way, we work with you to determine what performance outcomes you desire and the nature of dialogue that will secure it.

2. SoundWave Analytics

SoundWave analytics apply at many organisational levels, providing unique perspectives on how you talk, the effect that this talk has on those around you and the improvements you need to make to enhance relationships and to shift the culture.

3. SoundWave Applications

Our coaching, training and consulting delivers the skilful dialogue you need to meet the challenges you face. Our partners offer high quality support in applying the theory and practice of SoundWave. We focus on helping to apply the learning you have received so that you make a difference

4. SoundWave Results

We check to ensure that the outcomes you desired have been achieved, literally that you can listen out for and hear the new soundscape. This may be at the level of particular relationships or it may be organisation-wide. We ask two critical questions – how will you sustain improvements? What is your next challenge?

Client Testimonials

Global Pharma

“We have been so impressed by the impact that SoundWave analytics and applications have had on our business unit that we’ve become serious advocates for it across our group” – MD, Pharmaceutical

Shawcor Limited

“The ‘language of leadership’ has stuck with us over the past seven years and we have embedded it into our Executive Development programmes. SoundWave represents the latest and the best development of this tradition of work” – VP, Operational Excellence


“The SoundWave approach is so refreshing. I’m no longer just ‘a type’. There is a uniqueness about my style which I can value and improve” – Head of Continuous Improvement

Pukka Herbs

“Bringing the leadership team together at a point of significant transition has been deftly enabled by the SoundWave approach and team; we’re in good shape” – Chief Operating Officer