"Amazing things happen between people when the quality of their conversation is good...

... their creativity, collaboration, productivity and engagement all increase."

About SoundWave

Being really effective as a communicator takes self-awareness and skill. SoundWave analytics make explicit your verbal strategies. SoundWave applications enable you to influence, lead and collaborate in ever more effective ways.

SoundWave Self Perception

Raise your self-awareness. Consider the impact you have on others through an understanding of the way you talk.

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SoundWave 360

Know how you are heard. Enhance the quality of your dialogue. More positively affect the thoughts, feelings and actions of others.

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SoundWave Team Dynamic

Enhance the reputation of your team across your organisation. Build a constructive internal team dynamic.

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The SoundWave Concept


For Leaders

Drive engagement; enhance the range and repertoire of your interactional skills; build your own 'language of leadership'.

For Teams

Develop powerful coalitions; communicate authentically; collaborate well

For Organisations

Create a culture of sustainable continuous improvement; leverage incremental gains; outperform.

The SoundWave Process

The SoundWave process help you to improve individual, team and organisational performance by looking at social interaction through the lens of talk.


Your Context

We seek clarity on the outcomes you need. This might range from a personal improvement in performance through to an organisation-wide behavioural shift such as that demanded in cultures of improvement. We ask two critical questions - What outcomes do you need? What legacy will you leave?


SoundWave Analytics

SoundWave analytics provide unique perspectives on how you talk, the effect that this talk has on those around you and the improvements you must make to enhance relationships. We focus on two critical dimensions - deepening self-awareness and Identifying small adjustments which produce clear benefits


SoundWave Applications

Workshops, real-time coaching and innovative programmes of development run by outstanding professionals, turn our analytics into practical, action focussed development. We ask two critical questions - What are your priorities for development? What are your criteria for success?


Your Results

We work to make sure that you achieve the outcomes you desire. We make sure that learning transfers to the workplace and it is here that our evaluations are carried out. We ask two critical questions - Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? What did you learn?

Client Testimonials

Global Pharma

We have been so impressed by the impact that SoundWave analytics and applications have had on our business unit that we've become serious advocates for it across our group - MD, Pharmaceutical


The 'language of leadership' has stuck with us over the past seven years and we have embedded it into our Executive Development programmes. SoundWave represents the latest and the best development of this tradition of work - VP, Operational Excellence


The SoundWave approach is so refreshing. I'm no longer just 'a type'. There is a uniqueness about my style which I can value and improve - Head of CI

Pukka Herbs

Bringing the leadership team together at a point of significant transition has been deftly enabled by the SoundWave approach and team; we're in good shape - COO