Enjoy the professional and commercial benefits of becoming an Accredited SoundWave Practitioner.

Our Accredited Practitioners enjoy offering their clients an original and developmental way of seeing themselves. SoundWave provides an additional 'string to their bow', enabling greater differentiation in a busy marketplace. In addition, Accredited Practitioners benefit commercially, through enhanced consulting and training sales and from the sale of the SoundWave analytic suite. Join our growing community of practice and sign up now for an Accredited programme of development.

We partner with selected consultancy organisations and corporate enterprises. Between us we share an interest in developing organisations for improved performance and greater work satisfaction through the application of SoundWave

Kevin Eyre – Managing Director

SoundWave Global Limited  helps people to improve their relationships, their cultures and their performance by looking at social interaction through the lens of talk.

Kevin Eyre, MD of SoundWave Global limited is the owner and creator of SoundWave and leads the international network of organisations taking advantage of this innovative way of developing the capability of people and their organisations.

Kevin can be contacted at kevineyre@soundwave.global

Juliette Packham – Partner

S A Partners are the leading global providers in Lean Consulting, Lean Training, Business Improvement, Shingo Training, and Enterprise Excellence.

S A Partners LLP, understands that successful lean transformations happen when attention is focussed on engaging people. SoundWave is central to this endeavour and Juliette is one of six SA consultants accredited in its use

Juliette can be contacted at Juliette.packham@sapartners.com

Bonnie Chan – Director Silk Road Partnership, Greater China

Bonnie leads the Silk Road Partnership, based in Hong Kong and is a Master SoundWave Practitioner for Greater China leading a team of five accredited practitioners. She is the first point of call for all those parties interested in the application of SoundWave across the region. Her business and team focusses on Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Culture Change.

Bonnie can be contacted at Bonnie@silkroadpartnership.com

Nick Davis- Takt

Nick runs Takt Ltd, and operates as an independent Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and accredited personal development coach.
Takt Limited run training workshops and provide on-site project implementation coaching to delegates to enable them to deliver tangible business results. SoundWave is a tool central to Nick’s practice.

Nick can be contacted at nick.davis@takt.co.uk

Nick Regan – iCi2Learn

Nick co-runs iCi2Learn with Elsa Regan offering training, facilitation and coaching. Their work is focused on enabling people and organizations to find out what deeply matters to them, to define meaningful goals and to achieve those. iCi2Learn operates  in English and French from its Utrecht base.

Nick can be contacted at nick.regan@ici2learn.com

Bernadette Rohonczi – Inalfa Roof Systems

Inalfa Roof Systems, is a Corporate Partner of SoundWave and its principal practitioner is Bernadette. Bernadette is available as a point of reference for prospective users of SoundWave in particular in the way that SoundWave helps to develop the skills of communication.

Bernadette can be contacted at bernadette.rohonczi@inalfa.com

Nick Mayhew – Integral Change Consulting

Nick is MD of Integral Change, whose expertise lies in supporting the leadership of change: helping leaders to approach change strategically, to focus efforts on both outcomes and key relationships, and to build the necessary skills and capacities as required.
Nick can be contacted at nick@integralchange.co.uk

Alan Jones – B2B/AJC

Alan leads B2B/AJC, with over 20 years Lean consulting experience. Alan can design and lead business transformation programmes across a wide range of market sectors in English and in German.

Alan uses SoundWave to help leaders and leadership teams in their Lean journey. Through controlled experimentation Alan provides support for the individual(s) own change process in a way which encourages stretch without stress.

Alan can be contacted at alanjones121@btinternet.com