The 360 diagnostic offers radical insight into how others experience you as a consequence of how you are heard and of how well you are perceived to listen.


What is it?

A measure of how you are heard and how well you listen. A platform for making small changes to the way you communicate to realise significant gains.

How does it work?

An on-line questionnaire producing a multi-dimensional report which requires thoughtful interpretation with the help of an accredited SoundWave practitioner to get to actionable steps.

What are its benefits?

A hugely enhanced capacity for influencing and leading others through skilful and sensitive dialogue.

How is it different?

SoundWave360 enables you to see why you have the relationships that you do; how you have gone about creating these and what you can do to improve them.

What are its credentials?

Based on a strong international norm base, SoundWave360 is empirically and statistically valid offering peer comparison of results but acknowledging the uniqueness of individuals’ preferences in communication.

When should I use it?

When the skills of excellence in social interaction can no longer be left to chance.

“Powerful, actionable and discerning. I can now see how I create the culture that I work within. SoundWave360 has really made me stop and think ” – Operations Director