At SoundWave we work predominantly in three areas offering distinctive approaches based on solid research findings and relevant practice. Enjoy the summary and then download case examples at the end of this page.

Skilful Dialogue for a Growth Mindset

Skilful Dialogue for Operational Excellence

Skilful Dialogue for a Language of Leadership

What do we offer?

Our development programmes build the interactional skills of leaders, managers and professionals to drive ownership and a thirst for learning amongst their teams.

Our consulting interventions build the organisations ability to create and sustain cultures of Continuous Improvement by building the interactional  skills necessary.

Our development programmes help leaders to understand how their ‘talk’ creates and effects the relationships and cultures around them and equips them with the skills to improve them both.  

Why do we offer it?

When individuals feel it’s safe to make mistakes as part of their learning, they take ownership for their actions and offer superior performance.

CI cultures are notoriously tricky to maintain requiring a shift from directional styles of leading to more enabling styles. SoundWave is expert in realising this shift in behaviour.

Leaders need to meet many expectations – engage, influence, impact, make improvements and so on. SoundWave helps leaders  to meet the breadth of demands placed upon making their interactions skilful.

How are we different?

As well as SoundWave analytics providing a distinctive perspective for personal development, our Practitioners  draw on a range of theoretical and empirical sources to inform their practice.

Our interventions are organisation-wide, innovative in their style of learning and centred on the workplace application of new capabilities.

We are concerned with the utility of leading and managing. Small changes to the way we interact with others can have disproportionately large effects. These changes are within our control and learnable.

How do you benefit?

Our clients report increased self-awareness and confidence; enhanced awareness of others and their needs; improved team engagement; better judgement and superior interpersonal skills.

Improved employee engagement, better problem solving capability, improved managerial capacity and tangible operational improvements.

By seeing that the changes you make have real and lasting benefit for you and for those that you lead and manage