The self-perception diagnostic helps you to understand yourself in new ways, drawing attention to the impact that your talk (your preferred verbal strategies) might have on the people around you.

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What is it?

An innovation in the field of people development. A measure of your social interaction, of your communication style as seen through nine verbal strategies, or ‘voices’. An instrument providing insight and action.

How does it work?

An on-line questionnaire producing a detailed and fascinating report which requires thoughtful interpretation with the help of an accredited SoundWave practitioner.

What are its benefits?

Increased range and repertoire of interactional skills; greater engagement of team members; enhanced ‘ownership’ and accountability.

How is it different?

SoundWave looks at human interaction through the lens of ‘talk’. Technically, it is best described as a socio-metric nestling, as it does, between the world of psychometrics and the world of competence frameworks.

What are its credentials?

Based on a strong international norm base, SoundWave is empirically and statistically valid offering peer comparison of results but acknowledging the uniqueness of individuals’ preferences in communication.

When should I use it?

In improving your skills of communication; in forming new and better relationships; in shifting your organisational culture.

“SoundWave has opened a whole new world for me. I’ll never again take for granted  the way I talk. ‘Talk’ deserves our full and conscious attention” – HR Director