SoundWave Team Dynamic

SoundWave Team Dynamic helps your team to offer consistent and clear communication to its people whilst helping it to leverage the diversity of talented voices within.


What is it?

A way of enhancing the reputation of your team as a body to be trusted. It looks outwards to the utility of its communication and inwards to its dynamic

How does it work?

An on-line questionnaire producing a detailed and fascinating report which requires thoughtful interpretation with the help of an accredited SoundWave practitioner.

What are its benefits?

Improved internal team dynamic. More consistent external communication. Better role modeling.

How is it different?

It focuses on the unique contributions of individuals without recourse to typology. It looks internally and externally at the impact of a team’s operation.

What are its credentials?

Based on a strong international norm base, SoundWave Team Dynamic  is empirically and statistically valid offering peer comparison of results but acknowledging the uniqueness of individuals preferences in communication.

When should I use it?

When new teams are formed. When teams are struggling and the more usual team development solutions haven’t worked. When you just want an edge over the rest.

“Now we have greater respect all round because I can see how the individual contributions blend for our success.” – CI Director