Reverb deep-dives into the real-time impact that your preferred styles of talk have on those around you, specifying the emotional and cognitive impact and helping to explain why you have the quality of relationships that you do


What is it?

Reverb gets into the detail of the real conversations that people have, independently analysing them against SoundWave’s nine verbal strategies and our framework for considering the impact on people state – of mind and of being.

How does it work?

We audio record a fifteen minute conversation between you and a member of your team. A team of two SoundWave practitioners analyse it and we offer insights back to you for your interpretation and perspective.

What are its benefits?

You get to hear and understand first hand how the way you talk impacts others and tends to form the relationships that you have. We then equip you with the skills to make improvements.

How is it different?

It deals with real data, not concepts or abstractions and it is informed by good theory. Whilst there is an expert analysis, there is ultimately your own interpretation. You hold the key to the changes you wish to make.

What are its credentials?

Reverb has huge face validity since you are listening to and making sense of yourself. Reverb is an auditory mirror. There is no disputing what you said or how you said it. there is only a ‘making sense of’. Reverb is clearly for ‘the brave’!

When should I use it?

When as a leader I need deep and rigorous insight into the way I interact with others. This might be where tricky relationships exist or where there is s need to set a cultural tone and style

Reverb has captured the exact nature of my relationship with a key member of my team from a fifteen minute recording and helped me to do something useful about it; it’s amazing.” – MD Industrial Products Manufacturer