SoundWave generates learnable insights into the relationship between how we talk and how we think and feel – our respective ‘states’; and in turn, the effect that this has on our actions and performance


What is it?

An integrated set of analytical tools and developmental applications that serve to build skilful dialogue and transform workplace interactions. We measure peoples preferred styles of talk-in social interaction and then develop this capability.

How does it work?

A core concept of nine ‘verbal strategies’ lies at the heart of SoundWave. Our analytics enable deep insight into how we each choose to communicate and the effects that these choices have on others.

What are its benefits?

In addition to deep self-awareness, we claim demonstrable improvements in the ability of leaders, managers and professionals to create better workplace relationships; to drive ownership; to embrace and deliver a wider range of interactional skill, to enhance collaboration and engagement.  

How is it different?

Homo Sapiens has the power of language, a capability so natural that we reflect upon it often too lightly. Yet ‘talk’ is at the heart of and shapes much of the quality of our relationships with others. SoundWave explores human social interaction through this lens using its own theories and research but drawing also from appropriate psychological and sociological methods.

What are its credentials?

SoundWave is the result of period of continuous experimentation of ideas and methods over many years. Its crucible is the hard-edged world of Lean-sigma application where ‘culture and behaviour’ is the sticking point for sustainability. (This is partly why SoundWave offers solutions in this space) All SoundWave analytical products are robustly generated and statistically sound. All SoundWave developmental resources are proven to be effective through the repeat business that they generate.

When should I use it?

SoundWave has proven application where the need is to sustain cultures of continuous improvement, build a growth mindset or create more effective leadership capabilities. More generally, SoundWave works where the connection between people is at a premium, where relationships are what matters most.

“It’s so powerful. I hadn’t realised just how much I affected others through the way that I spoke, but now in using SoundWave, I can see it” – MD Pharmaceutical