Interview with Clare Desbonnet from Roche Pharma

Name: Clare Desbonnet
Awards: 2019 Business Woman of the Year, Network Ireland Highly Commended in two categories: Deloitte Shining Star and Facebook STEM
Name of business: Roche Pharma, County Clare, Republic of Ireland

“Learning the appropriate use of voices made me a better leader, allowed me to empower my team and helped me become a better listener.”

Q: What were you working on when you first encountered SoundWave?​

A: I was working as the Site Quality Director leading a workstream called ‘Working Together’ where we were exploring how we could work on our behaviours in order to get our LEAN program running better.

Q: How did the use of SoundWave benefit your business?​

A: It gave us a concrete process to define how we talk to each other. It has given us a better basis for having great dialogue and also a safe process to call out when the discussion could be better.

For example if someone is challenging a topic in a way that seems like ‘attack’ we would now call that out. Because everyone really understands the voices (and has practised them before starting to use them in the business) it’s acceptable to do that.

I think having a defined process for voices (and how to observe them) really lends itself for use in a technical organisation – it takes the ‘wooliness’ that can surround discussions on behaviours off the table.

Q: How did SoundWave benefit you personally?​

It helped me really realise how I spoke to my team and during coaching. Learning the appropriate use of voices made me a better leader, allowed me to empower my team and helped me become a better listener.

Q: In what situation would SoundWave be most useful?​

It’s particularly beneficial when kata coaching, and also very useful in team meetings to open up really good discussion.Many thanks to Clare, and for the collaborative partnership with Richard Lynch and Mark Fillingham from SA Partners LLP who delivered much of the SoundWave programme at Roche Pharma.

Disclaimer: The information used to create this article is based on sources available in 2020. It is acknowledged that this information may have evolved or changed since then.


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