Interview with Juliette Packham — My SoundWave Coaching Experience

“Unlike other self-perception tools, you can do something about your own SoundWave profile and see almost immediate results.”

Q: How do you use SoundWave in your business?

A: S A Partners uses SoundWave in many different applications in our interventions with clients, from learning how to ask better questions in problem-solving and improving coaching skills to effective dialogue in Gemba Walks, Leader Standard Work, and Tiered team meetings. We also use it to improve our own internal conversations!

Q: How does the use of SoundWave benefit the business you work with?

A: I have been involved in SoundWave since its inception and first started using it in earnest in the arena of daily team meetings. I observed that teams I was working with tended to strongly display the use of two or three voices to the exclusion of others. This had an adverse effect on their behaviour and performance. Sometimes it was driven by company culture, sometimes by key individuals.

In one instance, I observed how a team supervisor with a strong character heavily used Challenge and Advocacy with very little Inquiry. As a result, they missed opportunities and engagement with their team.

In another I observed an apathetic team, where there was a lot of Inquiry but a real lack of Challenge and Correct.  Issues would surface well, but there was little or no drive to close things out or hold action owners to account.  In both instances the ability to highlight the missing dialogue and help teams and individuals understand how to practise their voices led to a significant improvement in effectiveness and performance.

Q: How did SoundWave benefit you personally? 

A: I’m a firm believer in practicing what you preach so I did a great deal of exploration and learning using SoundWave to develop my own skills before supporting others. Understanding what triggers my ‘overuse’ of voices allowed me to put strategies in place and develop new voices to fill the gaps. I’m much more aware of the impact I have on the thinking and feeling of others and how I can make adjustments quickly when I get it wrong!

Q: The best thing about SoundWave?

A: Unlike other self-perception tools, you can do something about your own SoundWave profile and see almost immediate results.  Several years into my use of the tool and I’m still learning about small changes I can make to get better outcomes, both at work and in my personal life.

Q: In what situation would SoundWave be most useful?

A: I would say anyone who is ‘stuck’ and struggling to get traction or momentum in particular circumstances and where team engagement is low. In this scenario, it’s likely that you’ve fallen into a pattern of dialogue preferences, while the situation requires something different.

Disclaimer: The information used to create this article is based on sources available in 2020. It is acknowledged that this information may have evolved or changed since then.


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