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Communication is not just about exchanging information, but it’s also about building relationships and forging bonds with one another. This is why we love discussions, delving into new ideas, revisiting old ones, and sparking conversations that keep things interesting. 

So let’s ignite the spark by exploring our topics below, and start the conversation rolling. We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and experiences, so don’t be shy to let us know what you think.

Brilliance 3

Talking Beyond Talk: Communication Style Matters

Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp The renowned English Writer Ben Jonson said,  “Talking and eloquence are not the same: to speak, and to speak well, are

Coach Practitioners

Understanding Effective Communication

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp Here’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with: the ‘Where Should We Eat’ argument. It’s a timeless paradox often met with

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