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Most organisations have routine processes that are required to be executed to a high standard, consistently. Examples include, but are not restricted to, Daily Meetings, A3 Problem Solving and Leader Standard Work.

Establishing these processes is usually done by being clear about the desired process that a group or individual should go through. Steps are defined and associated behaviour specified. What is often missing is the ‘talk’ that goes with the behaviour

'It’s obvious when you think about it.
Some conversations work best
when they’re scripted’

- Operations Director

About SoundWave

SoundWave is changing how people talk. It provides data driven insights and development expertise in how you talk, listen and are being heard and perceived by others.

Its research shows how your preferred communication style impacts and influences people around you, enabling them or limiting their performance.

Soundwave helps you target your talk for the following predictable outcomes and more. 

How SoundWave can Help to achieve consistent in routine processes

Case study

, Case Study – Situational SoundWave

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Challenge: Making Daily Meetings Work Well

The need to establish good operational control led this business to establish a tiered meeting process in a way that is common for many organisations.

A review of how this process was working led to the conclusion that there was much variation across the following factors – the level of contribution from participants; the quality of facilitation from the meeting leader; the progress in surfacing and addressing issues.

The process itself had helped to bring about much needed performance visibility across the operation and had helped to improve engagement scores. People generally regarded the process as an important innovation. The issue now was one of consistency of execution.

The SoundWave Process

Proposed Solution

A structured process of meeting observations helped to determine what the ideal process for the daily meetings should now be. This included their duration, the content and their  sequence. Observations were also made on the dominance of the ‘voices’ as defined in the Soundwave model.

Given the ideal meeting, the team then determined what the weight of the ‘nine voices’ would really be and set about constructing a guide or ‘script’ for the facilitator handing those meetings.

The script moved in the direction of the ‘asking’ voices in order to address the limitations earlier identified. It also anticipated typical (or ‘runner’) scenario’s for which the facilitator needed to be forearmed and capable of responding to.

The new meeting process was tested, evaluated and applied across the operation and the process of defying ‘scripts’ applied to other core processes.

Methodolgy: Workshops, Team Coaching, 1-1 coaching

A combination of real-time observation, workshops and coaching was the mode of delivery.

It was necessary for all participants in this process to have familiarity with the SoundWave model and the Nine voices in particular and so the foundation workshop. ‘Own Your Conversation’ is an ideal starting point.

, Case Study – Situational SoundWave

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Everything is Conversation

With SoundWave, You can enable a culture of conversations

SoundWave equips you with the awareness and capability to talk and listen with curiosity, intention, openness, and daring that build a safer environment that is actively engaging innovation and a growth mindset.

A culture of great conversations


– The shift to the ‘Asking’ voices increased as planned

– Facilitators reported greater participation from meeting members

– Facilitators fully assumed their roles avoiding being debated from the meetings purpose

– The scripts were audited, validated and adapted systematically

The changes to achieving consistency in Meetings were impressive.

Inquiry-led conversations
No. of questions raised increased by 50%
Number of problems surfaced increased by 30%
Solution Driven
Speed of resolution of issues halved
No. of coaching sessions completed increased by 200%

Kevin Eyre

Managing Director of
SoundWave Global

About Coach

Kevin Eyre

Kevin Eyre is the Managing Director of SoundWave Global Limited, the creator and owner of the SoundWave suite of analytical and development resources. 

Kevin works consistently at senior levels in client organisations coaching and consulting with leaders to develop communication styles and practices that deliver engagement and ownership in the workplace. Client sectors include Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, FMCG, Food Manufacturing, and Logistics with businesses from around the world. Client organisations commonly report enhanced interactional skills, improved relationships, and improved business outcomes.

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