Alex Wong

  • Inquire, Probe, Diagnose
  • Singapore
  • Strengths Alchemy
  • Coach and Trainer
  • English, Chinese

About the Practitioner

Alex is an individual who is stimulated by new ideas, cutting edge technologies and opportunities to learn. His eager and inquisitive nature has exposed him to a myriad of working environments from the public sector to the large corporations like Marina Bay Sands (subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands Corporation) and Jones Lang LaSalle.

During the span of his working experience, he has garnered experience in areas of strategic planning, manpower development, development of national initiatives, training and development, process improvement amongst others.

Driven by his natural inclination for the development of human potential, he is often on the lookout for opportunities to grow the potential of both himself and those around him. He is the founder of the StrengthsFinder Singapore Network, a community committed to the discovery and development of strengths in its members. In addition, he is actively engaged in his church small groups, facilitation of classes for community projects, and was also a volunteer sunday-school teacher for 3-years.

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