Catherina Chang

  • Advocate | Probe | Advise
  • Taiwan
  • ThrivUP
  • Managing Director and Coach
  • English, Chinese

About the Practitioner

Catherina has over 20 years of international experience working with 101 nationalities of professionals spanning four continents and B2C & B2B industries. She worked for The Coca-Cola Company for 13 years in China & Africa and SABMiller for four years in Southern Africa. Catherina was a General Manager responsible for 7000 employees bottling operation and General Manager for 14,000 employees Business Transformation in China.

Catherina had demonstrated leadership capabilities to lead cross countries and functional leadership teams to deliver exceptional results when others believed it impossible! She led business turnaround teams to double business value in China. Made the Coca-Cola Company’s historical record to successfully lead multiple local & global teams to rescue the first global go-live of digital transformation platform initiative involving multi-million dollar investment. She has collaborated with numerous stakeholders to revamp the number one African beer brand, Castle Lager.

Catherina is the founder of ThrivUP, focus on re-inventing the integration solutions of business & talent transformation strategy. She has nine years of entrepreneurial experience in business/talent/cultural transformation, strategic planning & alignment, change management, leadership growth development, executive coaching, effective collaboration, skillful dialogue, & digital marketing/e-Commerce. She helps leaders get better in their leadership growth areas through executive coaching.

Catherina has an MBA degree from Wits Business School, Johannesburg, South Africa. Professional Development Programs from HKU|Digital Marketing/Social Media/eCommerce program from The Wharton School. She is a PROSCI Certified Advanced Instructor | SoundWave Certified Coach Practitioner | Certified Executive Coach/Mentor/Speaker| Certified TTI Professional DISC Behavioral and Motivators Analyst.

Catherina enjoys hiking, cycling, interior design, traveling, music, art, painting, cooking, reading, writing, and good international cuisines.

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