Derek Ma

  • Diagnose, Advise, Challenge
  • Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Momenta Group (SG), Meridian Learning (HK)
  • Managing Partner, Coach and Consultant
  • English, Chinese

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Derek is the Managing Partner for Leadership Solutions at Momenta Group (SG), and Founder & Managing Director for Meridian Learning (HK). He is a seasoned executive coach and corporate trainer with over a decade of experience working with senior leaders and executives.

More about me

Derek was an ICF ACC accredited executive coach and has been involved with talent maximisation through executive coaching and has participated in organisational transformation via coaching culture implementation since 2011. Derek also has extensive experience in the NGO sector providing consulting for organisational development, talent development, and developing coaching cultures. Derek is a certified MBTI practitioner.

Internationally, Derek represents Waverley Learning (UK) as the Lead Consultant Asia, and is exclusively assigned to global management consulting firm Kearney as key talent developer and executive coach.

Derek is a sought-after speaker, having hosted sessions at Goldman Sachs (HK) and HSBC (HK) on resilience and implementing a growth mindset.

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