Irene Chia

  • Inquire, Critique, Probe
  • Singapore
  • Whitespace Management Consulting
  • Executive Director and OD Coach
  • English, Chinese

About the Practitioner

Irene Chia is the Founder of Whitespace Management Consulting Pte Ltd and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. She coaches teams and leaders in addressing their attitudes, beliefs, values and systemic structure to thrive in evolving landscapes.

Irene was involved in driving organisational transformations in two statutory boards as internal organisational development consultant for six years before joining the private consultancy in 2006. To date, she has coached more than 2,000 hours and facilitated programmes for 100s of organisations in Singapore and the region. Among her clients are the Education, Healthcare and Social Service sectors where she felt the most calling for. As a systems thinker with a background in psychology, she sees multiple linkages in the system and enjoys connecting them for synergy, forming a healthier whole.

She is the current President of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches, where coaches network, sharpen their skills, deepen coaching research, and provide pro bono coaching to the community. She is also an International Specialist Volunteer with the Singapore International Foundation and a Resident Strengths Coach at MentorsHub for youths and young adults.

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