Janice Lum

  • Probe, Inquire, Advise
  • Singapore
  • Arconik
  • Director and Executive Coach
  • English, Chinese

About the Practitioner

Janice is a multi-passionate coach, marketing professional and artist.  She is a ACC accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation, has over 20 years of marketing experience from the Finance, Telecommunication to Media industries and an artist who loves to paint and creates installation art that connects with people. 

She is a good listener, creative and always curious. She loves to support her clients in realising their potential, decluttering their mind and gaining new different perspectives in life. 

As a reframe coach, her strength is in helping her clients to visualise the various possibilities in life, learn insights about themselves from knowing their passion to how they can use their strength to achieve their goals.

Janice strives to be a connector between people and their success in achieving new heights by identifying and maximising their potential. She wants to inspire and motivates her clients in moving forward to achieve their goals

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