Julienne Loh

  • Critique | Correct | Advocate
  • Singapore
  • Resolution Advisory LLP
  • Founder / Executive Leadership Coach & Facilitator
  • English
  • Soundwave Expertise

About the Practitioner

Julienne Loh’s illustrious career in the international financial payments and services sector spans over 25 years, 17 of which were dedicated to pivotal leadership roles at Mastercard across Singapore and the Asia Pacific. A trailblazer and a visionary, Julienne made history as Mastercard’s first Singaporean female country head in 2009, leading the Singapore business with unparalleled expertise and insight. Her pioneering journey continued as she became the first Asian female Group Executive to helm the Asia Pacific Products and Innovation group in 2016. Her tenure at Mastercard culminated in her role as the global Group Executive for Mastercard Transaction Services in 2022, underscoring her profound impact on the financial services landscape. In 2020, Julienne embarked on a transformative journey, embracing a halftime pause to reflect, learn, and grow. This period of introspection led her to participate in a year-long Fellows Program with The Halftime Institute, further deepening her understanding of leadership and purpose.

Committed to leveraging her extensive experience for the greater good, she pursued a Brain-based coaching certification with The Neuroleadership Institute in 2021, marking a significant pivot in her career towards nurturing the next generation of leaders. In August 2023, she qualified as a Soundwave accredited practitioner. Today, as the Founder & Leadership Coach of Resolution Advisory, Julienne dedicates herself to empowering high-capacity leaders and women to forge their paths with clarity and confidence. Her work spans leadership and business coaching, keynote speaking, and mentoring, reflecting her commitment to shaping leaders who not only succeed in their fields but also contribute positively to society and since her accreditation of Soundwave, she has blend her leadership programs with head, heart and voice, impacting and inspiring over 300 leaders in Asia Pacific over the past one year.

Apart from her coaching practice, Julienne’s leadership extends to her roles as the Chairman of Kampung Kakis, a Singapore registered charity, with a mission to leverage technology for good by creating a sustainable community amongst the elderly. She is also the Chairman of Junior Achievement Singapore, where she inspires young people to embrace the opportunities and challenges of a global economy. Julienne holds a Master of Arts in Marketing from the University of Westminster (UK) and a Bachelor of Business Administration, credentials that underscore her deep understanding of the global business landscape. Through her transformative leadership journey, Julienne Loh continues to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential, driving change and innovation in every endeavor.

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