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About the Practitioner

As an executive coach, clients value the unique insights Koon brings from the breath and depth of her diverse leadership roles across legal, audit, consulting and enterprise-wide transformation. In Koon you will find two key elements. She understands business, leadership and relationships deeply, both from an “inside” perspective – how the system works and from an “outside” perspective – how to look at the system through different eyes. She is strategic, structured and practical.

Clients have also benefited from being part of Koon’s extensive network of senior leaders from diverse industries who shares the generosity of spirit to make a difference in society. That includes financial services, technology, government, construction, healthcare, government etc. She is a creator of safe space and a connector of opportunities.

As a thought leader and coach, she has significantly advanced the impact and influence of numerous Culturally and Linguistically Diverse leaders in senior leadership roles. She empowers them to draw on their cultural strength and be the leader that inspires belonging in others.

Koon is a regular speaker on cultural diversity and leadership at various organisations including Lendlease, Oracle, IAG, NAB, PwC, KPMG etc. Her unique perspectives delivered through her masterful storytelling skills always leave the audience inspired.

She is also a mum to 3 boys and proud of her Malaysian-Chinese heritage.

In Koon, you will find the intersection of leadership, community builder and diversity.

Clients’ Recommendation

“I cannot recommend Koon highly enough for her outstanding coaching skills and structured approach to the program. Koon was able to get involved with key stakeholders to initiate change and create visibility for the effort and work I put in throughout the program. Her coaching led to a remarkable transformation in my career.” Alicia de Los Santos, Director at Macquarie.

“Thank you for helping me uncover the strengths, courage, determination and the better version of myself. Could not have done this without you.” Gloria Yuen, Head of Regulatory Enablement at NAB.

“I highly recommend Koon – she is an effective and accomplished leader, coach, and contributor. In Koon you’ll find two key elements. Koon understands business, leadership and relationships deeply, both from an “inside” perspective (ie, knows how the system works), and from an “outside” perspective (how to look at the system through different eyes to challenge your thinking on situations). Becoming part of Koon’s community is rich and valuable.” Daintree Peters, CEO of Assembler.

“Koon is much more than a brilliant Executive Coach. Her background working with multinational companies allowed her to bring real life experiences and insights into our sessions. Koon understands how large, complex organisations work. She challenged my thinking at a practical level and weaved strategies, communication effectiveness and personal aspirations into our coaching sessions.” – Eva Chye, Director at PwC

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