Lena S.L. Teo

  • Articulate, Critique, Inquire
  • Singapore
  • CARE Singapore
  • Director, Therapy and Mental Wellness Services
  • English

About the Practitioner

A career spanning several years across corporate, government and non for profit sectors. Specialized in leadership development and executive coaching. Lena is passionate about helping executives become the best they can be and achieve their potential through purpose-led performance strategies that work to unlock their personal and organisational potential as well as supporting businesses to navigate change successfully.

Lena joined CARE Singapore in 2006 as team counselor, rose thru the ranks and was appointed Director, Therapy and Mental Wellness Services in Jan 2021. She oversees CARE’s mental wellness services for youth and their families.

She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate and 18 years of experience in the social service sector. Prior to joining CARE Singapore, she held various leadership positions in sales, marketing and material management in the corporate sector both locally and internationally.

Lena holds a Bachelor degree in International Business & Marketing, MSc Industrial / Organizational Psychology & Management of Human Resources, and Master of Counselling. Lena is a registered clinical supervisor with Singapore Association of Counselors, and a full member of Singapore Psychological Society. Ex-board member of WGIS and EMDR Singapore.

Apart from being a certified SoundWave coach, Lena is also a certified Gallup’s Strength Finder coach.

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