Luis Flores

  • Ecuador / South America
  • Partner and President
  • Spanish, English

About the Practitioner

Luis is a multifaceted professional. He earned degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Luis then joined PROFESA, a family-owned management and business consulting firm in Quito, Ecuador. He is now President and co-owner. At PROFESA Luis, discovered his interests in organizational and strategic development. In these fields, he leverages his knowledge of technology, relevant methodologies, innovation, and design. Through his technical analytical and problem-solving abilities, he brings a non-traditional approach to management consulting. He is a certified mediator in two prominent mediation centers in Quito with over twelve years of experience. Luis now also has more than six years of working as an Executive Coach. He trained at the University of Columbia’s Coaching Certification Program in New York.

In 2021, Luis became a certified Soundwave coach. Together with PROFESA, they have joined forces with Soundwave bringing their experience and expertise to spread the word and advance in the pursuit of empowering people to own the conversation and improve their ability to communicate.

Over his career, Luis has worked in many industries, including financial, supply-chain, health supplements, telecommunications, energy, mass food manufacturing, business services, education, and non-profit organizations. He has worked with c-suite level executives, as well as middle management, administrative and operational contributors. Luis has served on an international school board for more than seven years and presided over the Technology Committee at the Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce, where he still maintains an active presence.

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