Ning Pei Chua

  • Critique, Challenge, Correct
  • Singapore
  • Entrepreneur and Coach

About the Practitioner

A WorkInProgress. Ning Pei is delighted to have made a positive impact in the business and community engagement roles she had played in the last 10 years in the SocialImpact sector, while her formative years inAdvertising had nurtured her insatiable curiosity to get out of the comfort zone, uncovered unmet needs to stretch herself to innovate and do things differently, for good. Motivated by her personal story of trial and turbulence, she has a passion to nurture and unleash innate potential to support every individual to becoming the best version of themselves.

She founded IAMinVISIBLE asa ground up initiative in 2017, and now an impact social enterpriseto bring the inVisible into Visible, to be seen, heard, held and validated. To support everyone (with the use of personal story) to unlock the Power of‘I’ to the greater Power of ‘We’, through a continuous journey of learning, selfdiscovery and awareness in pursuit towards personal wellbeing and professional excellence.

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