Rosalind Wong

  • Challenge, Correct, Critique
  • Singapore
  • Oasis Coaching & Consulting Pte. Ltd
  • Director/Executive Coach
  • English

About the Practitioner

Rosalind is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She stepped into coaching practice since 2015. Prior to being an Executive Coach, Rosalind worked in various Human Resources leadership positions for almost 30 years in several international firms, including Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Bankers Trust Company, Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Royal Bank of Scotland, Reuters and Dart Energy International. She has diverse leadership experiences working with people of different nationalities across the world. This gives her a deep appreciation of the dynamics of human behavior in a multi-cultural setting and what makes people tick.

She graduated from the National University of Singapore majoring in Economics and Philosophy. She is now a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Soundwave Accredited Coach Practitioner. She is also a Certified Trainer and Courseware Developer.

In her current work, she helps leaders and working professionals to discover their personal formula to thrive and succeed through having creative coaching conversations with them. Being a leader in today’s corporate world is tough. In this highly competitive and volatile environment, the challenges and pain of leading any organization can be overwhelming. Rosalind worked and interacted with many leaders throughout her 30+ years in corporate HR with leading international banks and MNCs. Her vast corporate experience provided her with insightful experience and perspectives to understand and empathize with the struggles and issues that a leader and working professionals faces daily.

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