Rose Wenceslao

  • Advice/Challenge/Probe
  • Australia
  • Vibrantbility Global Transformation
  • Founder
  • Cantonese, English, Chinese
  • Soundwave Expertise

About the Practitioner

Rose was a business expert at Apple, where she trained and mentored while establishing a framework for its business channel sales. She equips and nurtures entrepreneurs’ business ideas in an innovative way. She is also part of the Authentic Business Solution which is an International Business Training and Personal Development business, whose vision is elevate organizations to sustainable transformation. As a speaker, she has shared in more than 20 countries around the world. Her greatest pleasure is helping others achieve their life purpose and mission. Rose is a researcher, mentor and expert in the field of mind-body balance. She has also received accreditation as a Soundwave coach, Revelation Wellness Instructor, Art Therapy & Play Therapy Facilitator, HUBER Consultant, Stream International Certified Teacher, etc. As a hobby, Rose is also training others as dream interpreters.

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