Sonja Allen

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  • S A Partners UK
  • Director, Coach and Cosultant
  • German, English

About the Practitioner

Sonja is the co-founder and Transformation Practise Lead at Allen and Jones Consulting Partners. Sonja builds on more than a decade of team and change leadership in the corporate arena of a truly global, fortune 100 business. During this time, she successfully implemented many change projects eventually taking responsibility for projects which were reported directly to the management board.

With this background in change and project leadership, particularly in the human resources and IS environments, Sonja has always had a keen interest in identifying methods that help organisations to create the culture they aspire as opposed to remaining stuck in the culture they created. Sonja is somewhat of a veteran when it comes to SoundWave – her first interaction with it was 8 years ago and she is one of the longest servicing practitioners in the SoundWave Academy. Sonja mainly focusses on the practical application of SoundWave in organisations. These range from specific training programmes for individuals tasked with delivering change over leadership coaching to developing full cultural transformation programmes with senior leadership teams.

Prior this, in her 20ies, Sonja had already had a successful career in the live music industry. This has given her a strong creative edge with regards to the content and application of interventions she designs and delivers, as much as a true passion for people.

When asked how she relates these two very different careers to each other Sonja said: “Imagine yourself standing in front of Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. The headliner comes on and you know you and everyone around you are about to experience something genuinely unique and meaningful. That’s what SoundWave is to me applied to the working world: When the conversation is good and relationships are meaningful, work is a wonderful place where exceptional things happen every day.”

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