Yamini Singh

  • Articulate, Advice, Critique
  • India
  • Innergise
  • Founder & Facilitator
  • Hindi, French, English
  • Soundwave Expertise

About the Practitioner

I’m a Business Coach & Trainer, who trains organisations in building better teams, managing conflicts, and improving productivity and engagement of teams. I’m a certified Coach in Gallup Cliftonstrengths, and Soundwave assessment I also work as a university lecturer. My field of interest is Organisation Behaviour. Most of the problems individuals face in teams, be it task or relationships, can stem from human behavior. Given the case, it is important that corporate training involve a deeper understanding of human behaviours- be it ourselves or others. This is my focus in my trainings – my goal is to integrate social psychology in all my trainings- to offer insights into human behaviour, blind spots of behaviours, and how teams can overcome them to build more productive and successful versions of themselves. Before teaching & training, I worked in marketing and sales for L’Oreal. My career spanned 12 years and 3 countries. I use my business experience to create and deliver practical learning solutions that are immediately implementable.

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