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This book reminds us of the brilliance and power of the talk we already possess. 

9 Voices: Own Your Conversation is an exploration into the world of SoundWave by its creator Kevin Eyre.

SoundWave takes you deep into your conversational preferences and offers you insight into your verbal strategies, captured in the ‘9 voices’ model.

The book looks at why the practice of SoundWave enables you to achieve seismic shifts in the quality of your relationships, by learning how to own your conversation.

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Why you should get '9 VOICES'

Hear from the author, Kevin Eyre, as he shares more on what you can learn from the book and how you can own your conversation with SoundWave.

About '9 Voices: Own Your Conversation'

The SoundWave Model

‘A deep dive into our 9 voices, their power and potential; their limitations and pitfalls

Talking vs Listening?

Acquaint yourself with the concept of ‘hear-say’, ‘hear-and-then-say’ to realise how inter-dependent they are

Our voices are fluid

Become aware of just how much we are able to change the way we speak

9 Voices front cover

Verbal Strategies

Discover the importance of having your own personal verbal strategies

The patterns within our talk

Understand your preferences and patterns and seek to
flex these

Talk is action

Making the move from simple verbal communication to productive and purposeful conversations

There is a common aphorism, ‘Let’s have a bit less talk and a bit more action’. This makes sense when physical actions are needed such as baking a cake or building a warehouse, although strictly speaking none of these tasks can get done without talk at some point.

Talk is not something we do ‘on the side’ or in addition to our behaviour, it is integral to it. In the modern economy in particular, the actions and the successes of so much of what we do are in the talking. 


Source: Kevin Eyre

9 Voices: Own Your Conversation

A Closer Look At Important Insights

the SoundWave Concept

How Managers Talk

Team members hear their bosses as solution centred. Inquiry enables challenge and advise

Socially Risky?

Probe, Critique and Correct are the truly edgy and socially risky voices. On average they are heard as the dominant voice only 6% of the time

, nine-voices-book


SoundWave research tells us that it’s time to reframe; people in fact listen better than they think they do.

Watch that Hierarchy

Outside of traditional power relationships, talk is more free-flowing. What should organisations do about this?

A companion to your Brilliance 3

The ‘9 Voices: Own Your Conversation’ greatly complements the SoundWave Brilliance 3 assessment. The book provides a comprehensive guide to the 9 SoundWave Voices.

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About Kevin Eyre

Kevin Eyre is SoundWave Global’s creator and director, and author of ‘9 Voices: Own Your Conversation’. He is also a member of the Association for Business Psychology.

Kevin began his career in Organisational Learning and Development on completion of his Masters degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the early 1980s. Taking a particular interest in how verbal interactions in the workplace affect results, he moved further into Business Improvement consulting, whilst all the time developing his passion for analytical research into the use of language through his SoundWave project. In 2015 he established his own consultancy business, working exclusively to develop SoundWave Global.

SoundWave is the result of Kevin’s career in Organisation Development; a lifelong interest in how the use of language affects the quality of dialogue, the relationships between people, and the outcomes that they achieve.

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