SoundWave 360

Discover the impact of your communication style on others.

SoundWave 360 is an all-round feedback tool, offering radical insights into how others experience you as a consequence of how you are heard and how well you are perceived to listen.

The report lets you see how effectively you are using your voices and how well others perceive your listening skills.



Benefits of SoundWave 360

SoundWave 360 creates a process that makes communication easy and safe for leaders, managers and team members.

Through the SoundWave 360 feedback tool and report, you will understand how you have created key relationships, how others feel about them and how you might make them better.

It will improve your ability to influence and lead others through skilful and sensitive conversations. You will develop excellence in those social interactions that can’t be left to chance.s

How does it work?

Managers, team members, peers and independents complete online questionnaires which each produce separate reports. These reports are then overlaid with each other and with your own Self-Perception to give a complete multi-dimensional overview of how you think you talk and listen, and how you are actually heard by your stakeholders

SoundWave is empirically and statistically rigorous, offering peer comparison of results whilst acknowledging the individuality of participants’ preferences in communication.

With thoughtful interpretation of the SoundWave 360 feedback tool and the help of an accredited SoundWave practitioner the reports’ findings are developed into actionable and transformative changes.

SoundWave Brilliance 3 Sample Report

Your first SoundWave voice is:
to articulate – the brilliance of the teller of stories

At its highest level, we tend to frame our communication in one of three broad styles; asking, telling and suggesting.

*an extract from the SoundWave Brilliance 3 report

We each possess all the SoundWave voices
to a greater or lesser degree, but often we
have a preference for some over others. In
some cases our voices remain underdeveloped.

But to have ‘articulate’ as a particular
brilliance – wow!

To articulate, to tell the story, is to narrate
the world around you in a way that can
explain, describe and illuminate facts and
ideas to others, drawing them in, capturing
their attention and imagination and
imparting a sense of belonging.

Skilful articulators create a reputation as
being quietly influential. The impartial and
judicious tone of articulation serves to
faciliate conversation between people.

Who is the 360 Report for?

SoundWave 360

  • Individuals who wants feedback from colleagues, team members and other stakeholders on how they communicate and how well they listen.
  • Leaders, teams and groups generally who have a desire to work together cohesively with improved and more productive interaction.
  • Leaders who would like a process of communication that is easy and safe for all employees.

The SoundWave 360 report will show you:

  • Your dominant voices – how you are heard by each of your key stakeholder groups
  • How well yor key stakeholder groups think you listen
  • The impact that your preferred voices may have on each stake holder group
  • The extent to which your talk can be customised depending on who you are talking to
  • The voices you need to develop to enhance existing relationships

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