9 Voices:
Own Your Conversation


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9 Voices: Own Your Conversation is an exploration into the world of SoundWave by its creator Kevin Eyre. Understand the theory behind SoundWave’s methodology in this ebook where we share more insights into each of the 9 voices and the nuances behind them. This SoundWave book shares an overview of the SoundWave concept - our proprietary 9 voices framework, and how SoundWave can help you shift your conversations to build meaningful connections effectively and have better conversations. What you can expect: Learn about SoundWave’s 9 voices, how we can change how people think, feel and behave by the way we talk, and tips to becoming more skilful in the way you talk. Suitable for: Exploring the fundamental principles of SoundWave’s methodology, complementing the SoundWave assessments

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Discover the Science Behind Our Conversation

Our conversations are more powerful than we think – it is the beginning of every human connection, and has the power to make or break it.

SoundWave’s 9 Voices book unlocks the groundbreaking ideas behind the SoundWave model, and takes you deep into the theory behind your conversational preferences. Written by the creator of SoundWave, Kevin Eyre, this book explores the power and potential of each voice, and how they impact the quality of our relationships.

The book looks at why the practice of SoundWave enables you to achieve seismic shifts in the quality of your relationships, by learning how to own your conversation. Discover the importance of having personal verbal strategies and understanding our preferences and patterns in conversation. Understand the benefits of SoundWave’s methodology, and learn how to take the first step in harnessing the power of your voices to maximise impact in both your personal and professional life.

Through this book, you will gain a new perspective on the human experience through the power of connection, and learn how to use your conversations as a tool to build stronger relationships, inspire action and create positive change.

A Great Companion with SoundWave’s Suite of Tools

The 9 Voices ebook is a great companion to SoundWave’s suite of tools, particularly the SoundWave Brilliance 3 assessment.

While the reports offer comprehensive data-backed insights into your conversational patterns and preferences, the ebook delves deep into the underlying principles and strategies of the SoundWave Model.

With this knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation for building stronger, more meaningful relationships, both in your personal and professional life.

Who is the SoundWave Ebook for?

Talking comes naturally to us. But talking with the intention to build meaningful connections requires understanding and deliberate practice. SoundWave’s 9 Voices Ebook is a great introduction to SoundWave’s unique methodology.

Designed to be applicable in both professional and personal settings, it is particularly helpful for those:

  • Exploring what SoundWave is about
  • Seeking to understand the theory behind SoundWave’s methodology
  • Looking to build more meaningful and fulfilling relationships
  • Who have completed any of SoundWave’s assessment tools

What You Can Expect to Learn

  • The importance of Talk

  • Deep insights behind the 9 Voices

  • The interdependence of talking and listening

  • Personal verbal strategies for effective communication

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Frequently Asked Questions

SoundWave is a suite of analytical tools (Brilliance 3, Self-Perception and 360) and development processes and frameworks which help people to understand how their preferred style of communication impacts those around them, enabling or limiting their performance.

SoundWave is unique also in that it looks to establish perceptions about the quality of people’s listening as well as of their talk. It seeks to challenge the erroneous belief (based often on a misunderstanding of the experiments of Albert Mehrabian) that so much the greater proportion of communication occurs through ‘non-verbal’ communication.

The SoundWave Brilliance, Self-Perception and 360 questionnaires are made up of 27 questions in total. Participants taking the questionnaire would have to allot a maximum of 5 points across 3 statements provided in each view.

The outcomes of the questionnaires—the SoundWave reports, provide data which is the basis for an interpretation and understanding of how someone talks and the effects that their talk might have.

Communication assessments and frameworks tend to focus on identifying and overcoming weaknesses. SoundWave highlights the strengths in your talk, providing personalised data insights based on analysis of your communication patterns. We then provide you with processes and frameworks for you to leverage the strengths in your conversational style to fill in the gap.

By bringing intentionality and process into how you talk, we empower you to be more courageous and confident in how you talk, build stronger connections, and achieve your intended outcomes.


Do You Know
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You only get as far as you communicate. Begin your journey towards building better relationships, valuable connections and meaningful outcomes today with SoundWave.