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Discover how you are perceived in your communication style through our comprehensive feedback tool. Gain insights into your preferences, patterns, and opportunities for growth with stakeholders. Transform your social interactions and make intentional changes with the guidance of an accredited SoundWave practitioner.

What you can expect: holistic insights into your communication style and potential with diverse stakeholders, strategies for enhancing your communication and leading with greater influence and impact

Suitable for: Individuals and teams seeking a comprehensive understanding of their communication style, leaders, managers, and professionals who want to enhance their presence and impact

Please note:
To ensure the successful implementation and interpretation, access codes will be available upon request. Please get in touch with us here to request your purchase and unlock the transformative insights of the SoundWave 360 feedback assessment.

Product Details

How You Talk May Not Be How You Are Heard

Discover the impact of your leadership communication style on others with SoundWave 360.

How you talk matters. What people hear matters more. SoundWave’s 360 assessment is a powerful feedback tool that gives you a comprehensive analysis of how others experience you, through an in-depth evaluation of your social interaction and listening skills.

This all-around leadership assessment feedback tool offers a safe and easy process for professionals of all calibers to reflect on their conversational capacity and gain invaluable insights. Data is collected from online questionnaires completed by managers, team members, peers, and independent stakeholders. Each feedback report provides a separate perspective within each stakeholder group and is then overlaid with your own self-perception to give a multi-dimensional overview of how you think you talk and listen, and how you are actually heard by your stakeholders.

Through this process, the SoundWave 360 assessment shows you how effectively you are using your voices. You’ll gain a comprehensive analysis of the key relationships you’ve established at work, and how others feel, and show you can improve them. With guidance from an accredited SoundWave practitioner, you’ll receive a tailored interpretation of your results, helping you to develop practical strategies for enhancing your communication to achieve your professional goals.

The SoundWave 360 Assessment has helped many professionals improve their ability to influence and lead others through skilful conversations. Unlock a new level of excellence, take charge of your conversations, and become a more confident, effective leader today.

How the SoundWave 360 Feedback Tool Can Make a Difference

Whether you are a team member, manager or leader, the SoundWave 360 feedback tool can make a significant difference in how professionals communicate and lead.

Together with a SoundWave Accredited Coach Practitioner, you will be able to discover a holistic overview of your key relationships, as well as practical guidance on how to make them better.

Ultimately, the SoundWave 360 assessment tool aims to help professionals build strong relationships with their teams and colleagues. Apply the data-driven insights in this report to experience enhanced collaboration, realising better outcomes in different facets of your life. Get a thorough understanding of your communication style as experienced by your different stakeholders and strategise custom approaches to maximise your positive impact.

Who is the 360 Assessment for?

The SoundWave 360 assessment is our most comprehensive communication diagnostic test designed with working professionals in mind. it is particularly helpful for those:

  • Aspiring to transit into leadership positions
  • Seeking growth in strategic communication and influencing without authority
  • In leadership roles aiming to instil a sense of responsibility and ownership in their team members
  • Cross-functional professions such as sales, HR, and management who need help in identifying communication gaps, influencing multiple stakeholder groups to build stronger relationships and elevate their business goals
  • Coaches, consultants, and organisations seeking to create a culture of productive and purposeful conversations within their teams.

What You'll Get With This Report

  • Your dominant voices according to your key stakeholders

  • Identify the voices you need to focus on to improve your leadership skills and enhance your relationship

  • How your preferred voices may impact each stakeholder group

  • Your listening preferences

Unlock Your 360

How Does the SoundWave 360 Assessment Work?

The 360 report is our most comprehensive assessment that assesses your social interaction, communication style and listening pattern with different groups of stakeholders using the nine SoundWave voices.

  • SoundWave 360 invites 4 key groups of stakeholder to complete an online questionnaire: 1) Your managers, 2) team members, 3) peers and 4) independents
  • Each group’s feedback will be combined into a single report
  • These reports are compared with your own self-perception report to give a comprehensive and multi-dimensional overview of how you communicate, listen, and how others perceive you
  • As a scientifically rigorous tool, SoundWave offers practical and effective guidance on adapting your communication style for effective workplace communication.
  • With the support of an accredited SoundWave practitioner, implement the suggestions in your report effectively to experience tangible improvements in your leadership skills.

How to purchase the SoundWave 360 assessment?

  • Step 1

    Request now and make the payment

  • Step 2

    Once our coach has reached out to you, send our online questionnaire to 4 key groups of stakeholders to complete

  • Step 3

    Receive your personalised 360 report

  • Step 4

    With the help of a SoundWave Accredited Coach Practitioner, go beyond understanding your most and least used voices, discover insights into similarities and differences between your self-perception and how your stakeholders actually experience your communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SoundWave is a suite of analytical tools (Brilliance 3, Self-Perception and 360) and development processes and frameworks which help people to understand how their preferred style of communication impacts those around them, enabling or limiting their performance.

SoundWave is unique also in that it looks to establish perceptions about the quality of people’s listening as well as of their talk. It seeks to challenge the erroneous belief (based often on a misunderstanding of the experiments of Albert Mehrabian) that so much the greater proportion of communication occurs through ‘non-verbal’ communication.

The SoundWave Brilliance, Self-Perception and 360 questionnaires are made up of 27 questions in total. Participants taking the questionnaire would have to allot a maximum of 5 points across 3 statements provided in each view.

The outcomes of the questionnaires—the SoundWave reports, provide data which is the basis for an interpretation and understanding of how someone talks and the effects that their talk might have.

Communication assessments and frameworks tend to focus on identifying and overcoming weaknesses. SoundWave highlights the strengths in your talk, providing personalised data insights based on analysis of your communication patterns. We then provide you with processes and frameworks for you to leverage the strengths in your conversational style to fill in the gap.

By bringing intentionality and process into how you talk, we empower you to be more courageous and confident in how you talk, build stronger connections, and achieve your intended outcomes.


Do You Know
How You Talk?

You only get as far as you communicate. Begin your journey towards building better relationships, valuable connections and meaningful outcomes today with SoundWave.