SoundWave Impact Card Deck (Set of 20)


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Talk is the most persistent and repeated behaviour that sets the foundation for great relationships. SoundWave’s Impact Deck is a great introduction for those who want to learn about owning their conversations to create meaningful relationships. Each purchase comes as a set of 20 card decks.

What you can expect: Learn about SoundWave’s 9 voices, and discover the skilful, risk of accentuated and passive voices

Suitable for:Communication strategy coaching tool for coaches and trainers, personal communication effectiveness tool

Product Details

Mindful Conversational Impact

Mindful Converstional Impact

“Our voices are not fixed, they are fluid.” There is a better way to talk, and SoundWave’s Impact deck is here to remind you of that.

This conversational strategy card deck serves as an engaging and interactive tool to introduce newcomers to the SoundWave methodology. Explore the different voices, their applications in various contexts, and visualize the possibilities of effective communication.

Based on the proprietary SoundWave methodology, each card in the deck represents one of the 9 SoundWave voices, offering insights into skilful, accentuated, and passive communication styles. By using these cards, you’ll become more mindful and intentional in your conversations.

How The SoundWave Impact Card Deck Makes a Difference

This deck is your pocket-sized SoundWave companion that can be used to educate those new to SoundWave in an engaging and interactive manner.

With the 9 voices cards, share how the different voices can be used in different contexts, and help participants visualise the various use cases more effectively.

Get an introduction to different voice navigation tips, and how you can harness the strengths of your voices to achieve optimal communication outcomes.

Who is this conversational strategy card deck for?

Our impact deck is a perfect tool to educate beginners on the SoundWave methodology, and how they can harness it for optimal outcomes in their personal and professional lives.

We especially recommend this deck for:

  • Individuals aiming to elevate their communication skills: Recap the skilful, over-accentuated and passive voices on the go to have more intentional and mindful conversations
  • Coaches and trainers working to help their clients be better communicators : Introduce SoundWave in an interactive manner, helping your clients gain an understanding of how meaningful relationships can be created through quality conversations
  • Facilitators: Elevate your workshop or coaching experience for your clients by creating interactive activities and visual cues.

Each Deck Contains

  • 9 x SoundWave voices cards

  • 9 x Accentuated voices cards

  • 9 x Passive voices cards

  • 9 x Skilful voices cards

  • 3 x SoundWave Framework cards on how to build skilful dialogue

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Frequently Asked Questions

SoundWave is a suite of analytical tools (Brilliance 3, Self-Perception and 360) and development processes and frameworks which help people to understand how their preferred style of communication impacts those around them, enabling or limiting their performance.

SoundWave is unique also in that it looks to establish perceptions about the quality of people’s listening as well as of their talk. It seeks to challenge the erroneous belief (based often on a misunderstanding of the experiments of Albert Mehrabian) that so much the greater proportion of communication occurs through ‘non-verbal’ communication.

The SoundWave Brilliance, Self-Perception and 360 questionnaires are made up of 27 questions in total. Participants taking the questionnaire would have to allot a maximum of 5 points across 3 statements provided in each view.

The outcomes of the questionnaires—the SoundWave reports, provide data which is the basis for an interpretation and understanding of how someone talks and the effects that their talk might have.

Communication assessments and frameworks tend to focus on identifying and overcoming weaknesses. SoundWave highlights the strengths in your talk, providing personalised data insights based on analysis of your communication patterns. We then provide you with processes and frameworks for you to leverage the strengths in your conversational style to fill in the gap.

By bringing intentionality and process into how you talk, we empower you to be more courageous and confident in how you talk, build stronger connections, and achieve your intended outcomes.


Do You Know
How You Talk?

You only get as far as you communicate. Begin your journey towards building better relationships, valuable connections and meaningful outcomes today with SoundWave.