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Take a deep dive into your unique communication style with SoundWave’s Self-Perception Assessment. This report goes beyond the basics and takes a closer look into your communication capabilities. Unlock a comprehensive report that ranks all nine voices, and explore other areas in your conversations such as your voices under pressure, areas of overuse, underuse, and listening styles. What you can expect: Gain valuable data-backed insights into your communication style and potential, and start to develop strategies for enhancing your communication. Suitable for: Individuals looking to improve their social confidence, professionals in relationship-building roles, coaches, consultants and organisations seeking to create a culture of productive and purposeful conversations.

Product Details

Peering Through the Lens of Your Talk

Unlock the full potential of your 9 voices.

Building on the foundation of the Brilliance 3 assessment, the SoundWave Self-Perception Assessment offers a comprehensive understanding of your unique communication style. With a full ranking of your nine SoundWave voices, this assessment explores your strengths and weaknesses in each voice and offers guidance on how to adjust your communication style for maximum impact.

But it doesn’t stop there. This communication profile test also measures your social interaction and analyses the risk of using certain voices too much or too little. It empowers you to develop an increased repertoire of interactional skills and customise the way you talk with others for effective dialogue in any situation.

When you unlock your full Self-Perception report, you gain a deeper understanding of your communication profile and listening skills, enabling you to have more meaningful conversations and connections in all areas of your life.

SoundWave is empirically and statistically rigorous, offering peer comparison of results while acknowledging the individuality of participants’ preferences in communication. And with the help of an accredited SoundWave practitioner, the Self-Perception report provides detailed and practical interpretation, leading you to improve your understanding and performance. This means that you’ll receive a report that is tailored specifically to you and your unique communication style, so you can be confident in the feedback you receive.

How Self-Perception Can Make a Difference

The SoundWave Self-Perception report offers a range of benefits that can positively impact your personal and professional life. By improving your communication and listening skills, you can enhance collaboration, achieve better outcomes, and experience personal growth. Gain a deeper understanding of your unique communication style and customise your approach for maximum impact.

Who is the Self Perception Assessment for?

The SoundWave Self-Perception assessment is a powerful communication profile test that anyone can use to enhance their conversational capabilities. Designed to be applicable in both professional and personal settings, it is particularly helpful for those:

  • Looking to improve their social confidence by gaining insights into their preferred conversation style
  • In leadership roles aiming to instil a sense of responsibility and ownership in their team members
  • In professions such as sales, HR, and management who need help in identifying communication gaps to build stronger relationships and elevate their business goals
  • In education to better connect with students and create a more effective learning environment
  • Coaches, consultants, and organisations seeking to create a culture of productive and purposeful conversations within their teams.

What You'll Get With This Report

  • A full ranking of your 9 voices in order of preference

  • How you talk under-pressure

  • Your listening preferences

  • Determine the best situations and roles for utilising each voice

Unlock Your Self-Perception

How Does the SoundWave Self Perception Assessment Work?

The Self-Perception report is an extension of our Brilliance 3 assessment that assesses your social interaction and communication style using the nine SoundWave voices.

  • Backed with years of data, SoundWave provides you with an objective benchmark for comparison while respecting individual communication preferences.
  • As a scientifically rigorous tool, SoundWave offers practical and effective guidance on adapting your communication style for effective workplace communication.
  • With the support of an accredited SoundWave practitioner, implement the suggestions in your report effectively to experience tangible improvements in your communication.

After purchasing our Self Perception assessment, simply:

  • Step 1

    Complete an online questionnaire

  • Step 2

    Receive your personalised Self Perception report

  • Step 3

    Discover insights into your most and least used voices including: the risks of over-using or under-using them, how well you think you listen, and your voice preferences in comparison to others

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Frequently Asked Questions

SoundWave is a suite of analytical tools (Brilliance 3, Self-Perception and 360) and development processes and frameworks which help people to understand how their preferred style of communication impacts those around them, enabling or limiting their performance.

SoundWave is unique also in that it looks to establish perceptions about the quality of people’s listening as well as of their talk. It seeks to challenge the erroneous belief (based often on a misunderstanding of the experiments of Albert Mehrabian) that so much the greater proportion of communication occurs through ‘non-verbal’ communication.

The SoundWave Brilliance, Self-Perception and 360 questionnaires are made up of 27 questions in total. Participants taking the questionnaire would have to allot a maximum of 5 points across 3 statements provided in each view.

The outcomes of the questionnaires—the SoundWave reports, provide data which is the basis for an interpretation and understanding of how someone talks and the effects that their talk might have.

Communication assessments and frameworks tend to focus on identifying and overcoming weaknesses. SoundWave highlights the strengths in your talk, providing personalised data insights based on analysis of your communication patterns. We then provide you with processes and frameworks for you to leverage the strengths in your conversational style to fill in the gap.

By bringing intentionality and process into how you talk, we empower you to be more courageous and confident in how you talk, build stronger connections, and achieve your intended outcomes.


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