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Own Your Conversation

Transform team communication and collaboration with our Own Your Conversation program. In just one day, gain invaluable insights into your communication style’s impact on colleagues and teammates. Leverage the Brilliance 3 assessment and our proprietary methodology to revolutionize how your team engages and collaborates.

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    Uses SoundWave Brilliance 3 or Self-Perception

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    Foundational SoundWave Program

About The Program

SoundWave’s Own Your Conversation workshop is a one-day foundational program that enable teams to transform the way they communicate and collaborate, fostering strong relationships and achieving their goals more effectively. This highly interactive program focuses on building purposeful and productive conversations, enabling team members to become aware of their natural communication style and how it can impact others. Leveraging the SoundWave Brilliance 3 or Self-Perception assessment, teams will gain valuable tools and techniques for enhancing their conversational skills, creating verbal strategies that target different stakeholders to achieve their intended outcomes and impact.

Who is it for?

Own Your Conversation is suitable for:

  • Teams who would like to connect better and build relationships that are beyond transactional.
  • For Leaders & Managers who would like better engage their teams and create a culture of openness and collaboration.
  • For Organisations looking to increase the productivity of their employees through productive and purposeful conversations.

Program Outcomes and Benefits

Communicate Intentionally and Effectively

Team members will gain a deeper understanding of their communication style and how it impacts their interactions with team members and stakeholders. They will learn how to target their conversations towards different stakeholders for greater influence and impact.

Increase confidence and influence

Talk is Action! When team members are more aware of how they talk and have the skill to target their communication, they will gain the confidence and competency needed to direct their influence towards the right people for the desired outcomes. By honing their communication skills, they can transform their talk into the action that they desire.

Improve relationship with team members

Effective communication is key to successful collaboration, and meaningful conversations can help team members communicate more clearly and effectively. Adopting effective conversation strategies can help teams build trust, understanding, and engagement, allowing them to work more effectively towards shared goals.

What you can expect

The “Own Your Conversation” workshop is a foundational program that leverages on the SoundWave Brilliance 3 or Self-Perception assessment. Team members will discover how their unique communication style impact those around them and how they can create verbal strategies to connect and work effectively with others. The workshop is structured around 3 key frameworks: Tendency, Sensitivity and Skills.

Tendency – How I Talk: Team members will learn about their natural, habitual way of talk. They will discover what are the voices they naturally use to engage and influence others.

Sensitivity – How Others Hear My Talk: Through a series of discussions and interactive exercises, team members will be more aware of how their talk is being perceived by others and they can talk with greater intentionality.

Skill – How I Target My Talk: Team Members will acquire the skills of creating personalised verbal strategies in engaging different stakeholders under various situations for desired outcomes. Participants will be better equipped to target their talk using the 9 SoundWave voices.

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