SoundWave Self-perception

Discover how you can have effective communication in the workplace

The SoundWave Self-Perception report is an extension of SoundWave Brilliance 3. Go beyond the basics of your Top 3 voices and unlock the full potential of your communication skills.

The SoundWave Self-Perception report draws attention to the impact that your talk might have on the people around you. It explores how you can use your preferred voices to have quality conversations with others for improved performance and seamless collaboration.


The Self-Perception report is a deeper understanding of your unique communication style.

Benefits of Self-Perception

By unlocking your full Self-Perception report, you can maximise your communication skills and listening skills for effective dialogue at the workplace.

When you understand your Self-Perception report, you’ll develop and increased repertoire of interactional skills. You will be able to customise the way you talk with others for maximum impact and return.

How does it work?

The Self-Perception report builds on the SoundWave Brilliance 3 by measuring of your social interaction and analysing your communication style through your use of the nine SoundWave voices. It includes insight into the risk of using these voices too much or too little.

It will give you guidance on how you can adjust the way you talk for effective communication in the workplace.

SoundWave is empirically and statistically rigorous, offering peer-comparison of results whilst acknowledging the individuality of participants’ preferences in communication.

Detailed and practical interpretation with the help of an accredited SoundWave practitioner leads you to improve your understanding and performance.

SoundWave Brilliance 3 Sample Report

Your first SoundWave voice is:
to articulate – the brilliance of the teller of stories

At its highest level, we tend to frame our communication in one of three broad styles; asking, telling and suggesting.

*an extract from the SoundWave Brilliance 3 report

We each possess all the SoundWave voices
to a greater or lesser degree, but often we
have a preference for some over others. In
some cases our voices remain underdeveloped.

But to have ‘articulate’ as a particular
brilliance – wow!

To articulate, to tell the story, is to narrate
the world around you in a way that can
explain, describe and illuminate facts and
ideas to others, drawing them in, capturing
their attention and imagination and
imparting a sense of belonging.

Skilful articulators create a reputation as
being quietly influential. The impartial and
judicious tone of articulation serves to
faciliate conversation between people.

Who is the Self-Perception Report for?

  • Individuals who would like to improve their communication skills by understanding better their preferred style of speech.
  • Leaders who would like to develop a sense of ownership and accountability in their employees.
  • Team members who would like to communicate effectively in the workplace.

The Self-Perception report will show you:

  • Your most and least used voices
  • The risk of overusing and underusing voices
  • Your voice preferences in comparison to others, and how strong or weak your preference for each voice is
  • Your communication ‘pattern’
  • How well you think you listen
  • The type of roles and situations in which your voices might be most suitable

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