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Unlocking your communication style is the first step. Real change comes with practice, guidance, and real-time assistance. Our SoundWave Accredited Coach Practitioners can help you build strong relationships, elevate your social confidence, and reach your outcomes based on your personal needs.

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Coach Lists

Jonathan Khoo

My greatest satisfaction is in providing my clients with fresh insights that they find intriguing and relevant, and in providing team members with a holding environment where they find continuing growth and contribution.

  • Financial Advisory Director
  • Singapore


A sought-after leadership coach for culturally diverse leaders looking for coaching that is insightful, pragmatic, and importantly empowers them to draw upon their authentic selves. 

  • Executive Coach
  • Australia

Daniel Chua

I am passionate about mentoring and coaching PMETs between the ages of 20 and 40 who want to discover their voice.

  • Founder & CEO
  • Singapore

CC Chang

Mobilizing marketplace leaders to discover their talent, live their dreams and impact their communities. 

  • Coach, Facilitator
  • Singapore

Kevin Eyre

Creator and founder of SoundWave, with over 30 years of experience in Organisational Learning and Development.

  • Coach, Consultant
  • United Kingdom, Europe

Jacqueline Tan

I coach, not for problems to be solved, but for lives to be lived.
  • Life Coach | Business Development
  • Brunei Darussalam

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