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Unlocking your communication style is the first step. Real change comes with practice, guidance, and real-time assistance. Our SoundWave Accredited Coach Practitioners can help you build strong relationships, elevate your social confidence, and reach your outcomes based on your personal needs.

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Coach Lists

Anne Yeo

To be the ‘Tenzing Norway’ to my clients. Lifting others to their success.

  • OD Practitioner, Executive and Team Coach
  • Singapore, Brunei

Irene Chia

Empowering leaders and teams to attain congruence between their essence and their meaningful pursuits.

  • Executive Director and OD Coach
  • Singapore


A sought-after leadership coach for culturally diverse leaders looking for coaching that is insightful, pragmatic, and importantly empowers them to draw upon their authentic selves. 

  • Executive Coach
  • Australia

Daniel Lim

17 years’ experience in education management with experience in international business and recruitment, business development and marketing and communication.

  • Coach and Facilitator
  • Singapore

Alic Koon

Inspire leaders and managers for discovering their passions and enhancing fulfilment in their professional and life.
  • CEO
  • Hong Kong

Dr Anne Dolly K.

Psychologist, OD specialist, Master NLP Practitioner, life and leadership coach, and author on a mission to actualise human capital, resulting in better lives, better social structures, and a better world.

  • Founder & CEO
  • India

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